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Heather provides a safe and comfortable space for you to talk about whatever is foremost on your mind and your life.✔ Career guidance & Self Improvement
✔ Anxiety, Depression
✔ Conflict resolution & mediation
✔ Diet, nutrition, exercise and it’s effects on mental health

✔ Issues and concerns in education and career
✔ Decisions regarding school, work, and retirement transitions
✔ Marital and family relationships
✔ Managing stressful life events
✔ Coping with physical disability and poor health
✔ Loneliness
✔ Ongoing difficulties with getting along with people in general.

Our Process:

Guiding you through the eight stages of life, we help the now by helping you look to the future.

Stages of Psychosocial Development – Erik Erikson’s Theory of Personality
Erikson’s psychosocial model extends the idea of personal development across our lifetime from our
early years as a baby to old age.
It gives us a helpful way to think about some of the different conflicts and challenges people face as
they go through life. Our personality is not exclusively formed during our early childhood years, and
this is a view that greatly assists encouraging oneself and others to see the future as an opportunity
for positive change and development, instead of looking back with blame and regret.
Erikson himself believed his theory was “a tool to think with rather than a factual analysis.”

  1. Infant Trust vs Mistrust with mother.

  2. Toddler Autonomy vs Shame & Doubt with parents.

  3. Pre-School. Initiative vs Guilt with family.

  4. School Age Industry vs Inferiority with neighbourhood and school.

  5. Adolescence Ego-identity vs Role-confusion with peer groups and role models.

  6. Young Adult Intimacy vs Isolation with partners, friends.

  7. Middle Adult Generativity vs Self-Absorption with household, workmates

  8. Old Adult Integrity vs Despair with mankind or "my kind".

Chart adapted from Erikson's 1959 **Identity and the Life Cycle (Psychological Issues vol 1, #1) **


We often don’t feel comfortable talking about these things with those that are closest to us, especially when that thing involves them directly. Whether you are looking for personal development, breaking old relationship patterns, ditching bad habits, trying something new, coping with change, or investing in yourself, talking to a counsellor in a safe, non-judgemental, and confidential space can be just what you need.Dedicate some time to see your situation from a different viewpoint, potentially to facilitate change. This requires a relationship between you and a counsellor that is based on trust and confidentiality. Heather provides a safe and comfortable space for clients to talk about whatever is foremost on their mind and help make sense of whatever is happening in your life.

Heather Nelson

BVAD, Dip Psych, GradDip Teaching (secondary), AAMINZ - Counselling and mediation. Ongoing study at Massey University, organizational psychology and occupational stress.

AMP (Australian Mutual Provident Society) building Auckland Museum, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


A warm welcoming office located on the outskirts of the city ensures that you’re never too far from a helping hand.If a more familiar environment would help, home and office visits can be arranged.AMP Building Level 1
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AMP Building Level 1
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Napier City, 4110
(06) 211 7570